Why another survey tool?

Organisations has leaked user data to 3rd party organisations for a very long time and your website visitors behaviour data is used to sell ads. This is a serious problem if your site contains sensitive information.

It is also illegal to send users data outside of the European Union without a consent.

What did we build?

A powerful survey builder with support to import and export templates.

An interface to manage form texts etc.

Form display through Matomos Tag Manager

Form reports through Matomos reporting interface

How does it work?

We have 4 main concepts.

Form templates, Forms, Form display tags and Form reports

Form templates

Form templates are used to define your forms layouts and fields.

We also support multistep forms.


When you create a form you first select which template to use, based on the template selected you will get different options to configure.

When you create a form you edit the content in your form. This could be the description of a field or the amount of starts to use, options for radio buttons, thank you messages and button texts etc.

Form Display tags

To display a form you create a tag of the type "User Feedback" in Matomo Tag Manager. You then select the form to display and you can also adjust how to display the form, you can even add your own css.

Finally you create a trigger for the Tag using Matomos built in triggers, which gives you super powers. You could display a form when a user clicks on a certain element or based on meta data such as the role a user have etc.

Form reports

Form data collection is integrated in Matomos reports. This means that you can combine the form data with Matomos built in segments and date functionality.

You can also use Matomos built in API to display the results in your favorite tool.

How can you get it?

The plugin will be available through Matomos marketplace later this year, before the summer is the goals.

However you can still purchase the plugin before that.

We offer levels of pricing:

300 € / month

200 € / month - If you buy Digitalists Matomo SaaS

To buy the plugin contact


Form demo

Below this section you see an example of a custom feedback form display where we inject a form into the content of the page.

This form is injected when you scroll down the page and the link " Look at some of our form templates" (below) is visible to the user.

Another example is displayed If you click this link (a model will popup)

Learn more?

Read our online documentation

Look at some of our form template examples

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