GDPR-compliant web analytics, on Swedish, ISO-certified hosting powered by green energy. Your data belongs only to you – it is never shared with others and you may request an archive of your data at any time.

Our Matomo SaaS prioritises your security

  • Complete separation of customer’s environments
  • Fully-automated environments in a true private cloud
  • Scalable to enormous data volumes, but you only pay for what you use. 
  • Options for automated monitoring of your data collection to protect against the accidental storage of personal data.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99,98%
  • Our company has a Swedish collective agreement

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Help getting started with Matomo

  • Our plugin - DigiTracking, enables maximum tracking with a minimum of configuration.
  • Technical support during office hours
  • Avail of professional web analysts with Matomo expertise.
  • Ongoing access to Matomo education
  • Free Matomo seminars

What does it cost?

Matomo with our complete premium plugin suite, costs from €359 per month.

A complete ecosystem for web analysts

  • We are building a Dashboard tool to complement Matomo
  • Use our survey tool with Matomo
  • Plugins to integrate with Google Ads
  • Plugin to send statistics to Single Digital Gateway for Your Europe.
  • Help integrating CookieHub

SDG - The Single Digital Gateway for Matomo

Easily and precisely comply with EU requirements using our SDG plugin. We help you with the best possible implementation. With this plugin,  you can send automatic visitor reports to the EU every month. We provide regular, well-tested updates before each new release of Matomo to make sure everything works as it should. The plugin provides you with an effective system which allows you to focus on your visitors, instead of manually extracting reports. Contact us today to find out more about meeting EU requirements with our SDG plugin.

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