In the digital landscape, harnessing the power of data is more critical than ever before. Businesses are on a constant quest to turn volumes of data into actionable insights for decision-making, and we have the perfect solution for that. We are thrilled to announce our seminar recording that shines a spotlight on our unique Apache Superset solution, seamlessly integrated with Matomo.

Apache Superset is an open-source data visualization tool that simplifies the process of deriving insights from volumes of data.

It makes data exploration, visualization, and dashboarding with you Matomo data a breeze.

Add that you will be able to add other data sources and create things like custom metrics and calculated fields and you understand that this gives you analyst team their superpowers back!

Our seminar recording provides a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and functionalities of the Apache Superset and Matomo integrated solution.

Key topics covered in the seminar include:

  1. Understand what this solution adds and why you need it next to you Matomo instans.
  2. Discover how we've enhanced the data beyond what Matomo provides.
  3. Learn about Custom Metrics and Calculated Fields and how to leverage them effectively.
  4. A live demonstration of our Matomo chart templates in Superset.

Watch the seminar now and then contact us to sign up for our Matomo SaaS today!

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