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Digital agency in Stockholm (and on a beach in Barcelona)

Our heart and soul is delivering modern digital products. We create and improve business critical websites and applications for governments, trades unions and also businesses in industries like pharma and finance.

Digitalist is a full service digital agency with focus on business value and customer experience. We have all the competences required for modern digital product delivery including strategy, design, development and maintenance. Our unique selling points are:

1. We see our deliveries as products with concrete goals that create value. We analyse product life cycles and take responsibility for improving these with expertise in technology, user experience and data integrity.

2. We believe that government-financed development should be open and reusable for the good of society. Therefore, we encourage and support the public sector in demanding open source solutions.

Digitalisation affects all aspects of society today. Many companies and organizations primarily focus on digitalisation as a means to increase efficiency. Our long experience in both the private and public sectors reveals much greater possibilities.  We are a full service digital agency that helps our customers be relevant and to create new opportunities for tem.

The digital products we build are business-critical for our customers. We see, for example, web development as a long term partnership, where we continuously optimise existing user experiences and develop new ones based on relevant metrics. Continuous improvement, agile development, open technologies and a user-centered perspective is what makes us unique. Our methods and focus on the business are equally as important as our technical expertise in creating successful web solutions.  

We are currently 75+ employees and have grown by approximately 15% yearly with good profitability. Our employees have had collective-bargaining agreements since 2011 and we have the highest ‘AAA’ credit rating, according to Bisnodes credit evaluation system.

Our customers include among others, AFRY, Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish employment agency) , UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontièrs, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Skatteverket (The tax authority), Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and the (Swedish trades unions) Unionen, Kommunal  and ST.

Our recipe


Analysis and hypothesis

In this phase possible improvements are analysed and prioritised based on hypotheses of the value they bring. Pain points of current solutions and prospective new services are compared both from a user perspective and that of the technical infrastructure, The goal is to select the best candidate given the available data. Data analysis and expertise in web strategy are important in this phase.

System architecture analysis

The digital environment is constantly evolving and we take pride in being on top of new solutions which can lead to new opportunities. However, new is not always better, it requires validation to ensure a robust and safe long-term solution. Your architecture should match your needs, it may be better for some, but is it better for you?

Usable prototypes

With interactive prototypes we can test user behaviours and give a much more realistic experience at an early stage. This gives more valuable feedback which can be quickly iterated. 

User evaluation

User feedback is gold. With user-studies and tests with real users we collect it throughout the entire process. An elegant and technically brilliant solution is of no value if it is never used. How much would you have saved knowing this before you built it?


Impact and predictability

We steer development towards impact and predictability to build things the right way. Agile methodologies ensure that we maintain focus on value by being open to change as we learn during the project. To prioritise correctly requires experienced, agile, cross-functional teams with product owners focused on value. To complement this process we also have experienced project managers with focus on budget and capacity.

Fixed delivery teams

We employ cross-functional delivery teams who take responsibility for the process from idea to launch to continuous delivery. In our teams these skills are essential: web strategy, UX, design, system architect, full stack development, scrum master, product owner, project manager. If you already have some of these skills we complement you with the remaining ones.

An Agile mindset

With an agile mindset we constantly evaluate and prioritise based on needs. We know we always learn during the process and find new possibilities and problems. With an agile mindset we can easily navigate and deliver within project boundaries of time, budget or scope.

Technology and maintenance

Open source

At Digitalist we have a passion for open source, i.e. technical frameworks developed by an open community. This means our solutions may be used, changed and improved by organisations and the community for the good of all. Choosing an open source platform brings improvements over time as everyone contributes to the core platform and modules. The transparency, and helpfulness of the community brings individual advantages. We contribute to several open source projects, such as Drupal and Matomo.

Do not reinvent the wheel, realign it

In digital development reinventing the wheel is a big risk. Using common tools used by many people, ensures high quality with well-tested solutions. If these tools are open source we can also make changes to configure it just the way we or the customer like it. With proprietary tools on the other hand, one is limited to what one gets with the licence.  

We are experts in - among other things - Drupal and Matomo where we use, modify and improve these frameworks for the benefit of both our customers and the community. With open standards and professional infrastructure we can also deliver tailor-made, efficient and scalable maintenance.


Using short feedback loops we evaluate and improve for long term success. For us, maintenance equals continuous improvement and a long term commitment to customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated maintenance team that proactively delivers reliable maintenance. With high-availability and  quick response times we solve problems and improve solutions when the unexpected happens.

Measure, test, act

In contrast to physical products, digital products can and should change over time. With digital products, user data can be collected and evaluated against SMART goals and used to improve. We set up our goals and data collection to be GDPR-compliant.

A selection of our coworkers

Matomo & open source specialist

Tomas Persson

Client manager

Pontus Rosin

Ammi Bohlin
Recruiting manager

Ammi Bohlin

Matts Hildén
Creative Director

Matts Hildén

Client Manager

Fabian von Tiedemann

Project manager

Parisa Aenehband


Ulrika Mengshoel Wedelin

Marc Tersman Toll
Project manager

Marc Tersman Toll

David Enlund
Design Director

David Enlund

Jorge Carvajal Powers
Matomo specialist

Jorge Carvajal Powers

Michael Axelsson
Developer, Scrum Master

Michael Axelsson

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